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Sign up as a Full Member of COCHASA if you are a Complementary Health Organisation or a legal entity, for example:

  • Complementary Health Association
  • Complementary Health Academy, School or training facility
  • Complementary Health Institution
  • Complementary Health Practice Groups
  • Complementary Health Company, CC or Trust

 Member Benefits

  • Full Member Certificate
  • The right to attend meetings, and to speak
  • Full voting rights
  • Eligible to serve on the
    • Executive Committee or
    • Other subcommittees 
  • Website
    • Modality information
    • Directory listing
      • Contact information 
      • General Information
      • email directly from the COCHASA site
  • Members of the COCHASA Full Member Organisations may apply for Associate membership with individual member benefits
Setup Fee: R300.00
Fee: R750.00