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I have spent a great deal of time trying to find a more meaningful way for COCHASA to serve its members, and to clarify its membership into more user-friendly categories that are easily accessible to existing as well as prospective new members. The ExCo has agreed on the information that is now available on the website for members, and ask you to please take a look at the information under the Membership Menu:

In order to test and implement our new web-based membership renewal system, we are inviting our existing organisation members to complete the online application for Full Member which our new structure sees as Complementary Health Organisations that include associations, academies, companies or businesses. You have all submitted the relevant documentation and will need to check those fields on the form, but you don’t need to re-submit any of that administrative paperwork again.
  • For those members who have paid their subscription for this year, please ignore the proforma invoice that the system generates - we just need your details on the database. 
  • For those Members with fees outstanding, please ignore the joining fee on the Proforma and submit your payment should you wish to remain a member. If not, please submit your resignation in writing so that we can officially remove you from the membership. I will also update the Directory once the current payment is received.
  • Individual Associate members who do not belong to any Full Member organisation are welcome to sign up now so as to facilitate the renewal season starting in January. No Setup fee will be charged as this has been covered before.
  • Individual Associate members of any Full Member organisation under our new system can either wait and rejoin in that capacity next year once the Full Member has renewed their membership, but are also welcome to join now. These individuals need to pay the Setup fee for their website listing, should they wish to avail themselves of that benefit.

Notice of General Meeting

To mark the changes and COCHASA's 26th anniversary, a General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 21 November 2018  at 15h00 at 4 Ripelby Road, Claremont and would love our members and other interested parties to attend. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to RSVP for catering purposes, or if you would like to receive a copy of the Agenda.