Holding the Space for Complementary Approaches

COCHASA recognises the value of holistic approaches to wellbeing that complement conventional health services. We serve as an umbrella body that holds the space for modalities that are nontherapeutic in their intention, i.e. where the focus is to enhance wellbeing and not upon the diagnosis or treatment of disease.

Statutory Health Councils

COCHASA is a confederation of smaller Complementary Health Associations, and membership does not constitute statutory recognition. Only the relevant statutory health council can recommend a profession to the Minister of Health for official statutory recognition.

The existing statutory councils are:

  • The Health Professions Council
  • The Allied Health Professions Council
  • The South African Dental Technicians Council
  • The South African Nursing Council
  • The South African Pharmacy Council

Medical Schemes

The Board of Healthcare Funders only issues practice numbers to health professionals registered with one of the statutory councils. There is no legal obligation on any medical scheme to include any particular profession, treatment or service in its benefits, even if they are aligned with one of the statutory council professions. Medical schemes are therefore unlikely to recognise our modalities for the purpose of claims.

Any Medical Scheme that a client may subscribe to constitutes a private contract between the provider and the subscriber. The medical scheme decision about paying for services is generally based on its perception as to the demand for any particular treatment or service. In general, these schemes provide funds for the treatment of disease, which is not the intention of our member modalities, who focus more on promoting wellbeing.