About Us

The Confederation of Complementary Health Associations of South Africa was established in November 1992 by a group of twelve associations.

In 2000, COCHASA extended its membership to include individual practitioners as due to a need for these individuals to 'find a home'.  We currently welcome individual practitioners who have no representative Association as Friend of COCHASA members.

From 2003, COCHASA's mission became focused on serving the needs of those complementary health associations and individual practitioners that promote health and wellness in a non-therapeutic manner.

COCHASA is a fully democratic organisation, its Articles of Association calling for 66% consensus for decision making.

COCHASA welcomes every opportunity to consult and co-operate with other bodies, including the Government and Parliament on matters of common interest, such as education and training, standards, recognition, discipline, and legislation.

This is What We Stand For

COCHASA Aims to Aims

  • Represent the interests and serve the needs of all complementary health association members that promote health and wellness in a nontherapeutic manner
  • Promote a wider understanding of complementary approaches to the public
  • Develop positive relationships with the government health system, other health professionals and the public

Cochasa Seeks To Mission

  • Provide a consultative and advisory service to its members
  • Facilitate the development of new associations
  • Encourage new complementary health and wellness approaches
  • Facilitate networking amongst its members
  • Provide a database and neutral advisory body for the public
  • To act as a watchdog for legislation which may negatively affect any members
  • Liaise with and, if necessary, lobby government bodies in the interests of its members
  • Gain legislative recognition to serve as the representative organisation for wellness approaches
  • Contribute to the drawing up of acceptable legislation

This is What We Do

Nontherapeutic modalities offered by our members