NaturMotion (Namo) Therapy

NaturMotion is a hands-on treatment programme made up ofNaturMotion

  • Spinalcare
  • Reflectology
  • Pressure Points
  • Massage
  • Breathwork
  • Self-Help Exercise

The NaturMotion Approach

  • Views health from the perspective of life purpose.
  • Concentrates on restoring health rather than curing sickness.
  • Taps into the natural regenerative ability of the human body.
  • Recognises the need to find and eliminate the causes of illness.
  • Is primarily a preventative health system encouraging a lifestyle of wellness.
  • Includes health education on a physical and metaphysical level.

NaturMotion can help you

  • Become aware of your health care choices.
  • Become empowered and take responsibility for your health.
  • Develop your innate ability to live effectively and effortlessly.
  • Eliminate fear-based thought patterns to create balance and wellness. (Learn how to rewrite your mind’s software to change your body’s printout).
  • Activate your body’s self-heal ability.
  • Treat your “emotional body” with care, respect and understanding.
  • Grow spiritually.

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