Body Stress Release

Body Stress Release is a health profession concerned with assisting the body to release stored tension thereby allowing it to maximise its ability to maintain and heal itself. This technique has been developed and practised in South Africa by Gail and Ewald Meggersee since 1981.

When we are subjected to stress overload, tension becomes locked into our physical structures. The causes may be mechanical - accidents or incorrect exercise; chemical - pollutants, substances in foods and cosmetics; or mental/emotional stress. This stored tension may result in pain, stiffness or numbness and postural distortions. The impact on the nervous system undermines the body's ability to coordinate and heal itself.

For example, body stress in the neck may affect the shoulders, arms, hands and head. Body stress causing compression in the lower back may refer tension to the whole back and may affect the hips, legs, feet and abdomen. Babies who cry constantly for no apparent reason; toddlers with so-called growing pains; children who cannot concentrate; in all such instances body stress is likely to be present.

The BSR practitioner carries out a series of pressure tests on the fully-clothed person and by observing the body's responses the precise sites of body stress are located. Then light but definite pressure is applied in specific directions to enable the body to release the stored tension.

At present there are practitioners in South Africa, England, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, Germany, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. In the UK the BSR Association is a member of the British Complementary Medicine Association and is recognised by the Guild of Holistic Practitioners.

The BSR Association holds an annual three day conference and two continuing education workshops annually.

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