The Aura-Soma® Colour Care System provides you with a way of accessing yourself, it is a system facilitating personal growth and self-discovery.

Colour is the key to this non-intrusive, self-selective system. Aura-Soma speaks to you through 111 scintillating bottles of rainbow coloured equilibrium oils, pomanders, quintessences and colour essences. It is a salubrious colour system that brings you closer to understanding yourself. It uses the visual and non-visual energies of colour, the energies of essential oils and herbal extracts, crystals and gems. These dynamic energies from the kingdoms of nature are specially colour-coded to bring harmony and balance to the bioenergetic field and energy centres.

Aura-Soma can help improve your well-being on many levels, moving you toward a deeper understanding of yourself. Aura-Soma enables you to be in touch with the essence of yourself that always reflects your inner beauty. When you have connected with this inner essence, it also brings about an outer effect. Bringing inner beauty out, reflecting your gifts and talents, helping you to be in touch with why you are here and what you are here for.

You are the colours you choose

An Aura-Soma consultation is based on the client's selection of four Equilibrium bottles. This choice provides keys to unlocking difficulties that may have been experienced in the past, and affirming the gifts and strengths. The consultant will interpret the message of the colours. Aura-Soma helps each individual to find his or her own way to approach their full potential, enlightening themselves through colour.

Aura-Soma is the first bio-energetic system that combines the living energy of colours on a herbal basis with essential oils and crystal energy. The present 111 bottles with two fractions of colour are full of dynamic and living energy. The colour is the key to the combination of these resonant energies. Through the colours you will be shown how Aura-Soma is a mirror of your soul.

In past times people relied on others who told them what they are in need of and what to do. Aura-Soma enables you to take decisions on your own. Nobody knows you better than yourself. You choose the bottles that you like most or are particularly attracted to - through the colours you will get to know your own story.

AURA-SOMA® consultations and education

For most people the first step to use AURA-SOMA® is a consultation with a professional therapist. We recommend such a consultation: it will help you to interpret the meaning of your choice of colours.

It is possible to learn how to become a registered Aura-Soma consultant or just to learn more for your own growth by attending courses either in the UK or around the world. If you would like information please contact us.

A Brief History

The word Aura comes from the Latin meaning: akin to air, a slight breath, vapour or shimmer. Soma is the ancient Greek word for "body", while in ancient Sanskrit it designates a mysterious drink that transports the soul into a Divine ecstasy.

When the two words are combined, they set up a very different and specific vibration, as both concepts, aura and soma have essentially deeper meaning inherent in them.

In 1984 the name AURA-SOMA® and the vision of its creation, was bestowed upon Vicky Wall. In a series of re-occurring dreams, Vicky was given the same message repeatedly; she was told to "go and divide the waters".

Vicky, a practicing chiropodist, pharmacist and herbalist was 66 years of age and clinically blind. She had no idea what she was doing when she found her self in her small laboratory and formulating a mixture comprising different layers and colours of the most natural ingredients she could find.

This marked the birth of 'Equilibrium' . Vicky later reported - "that other hands had guided her own" - she could see neither the beautiful jewels she had spontaneously and inspirationally created nor their possible intended purpose. Even more bewildering to her was the resonant power she felt emanating from them, as they radiated in the sunlight of the following morning - clearly revealing two distinctly separate and different layers.

Thousands of Vicky's clients were attracted to the Equilibrium Bottles and this allowed her to build a body of solidly researched knowledge. Why did people choose certain bottles? What affect did the bottle/s have on their life after continued exposure to them? What were the individuals' life dynamics before and after the use of the contents of their chosen bottles?

Over a period of a few short years, this in depth analytical approach verified the answers to all these questions and more. With absolute certainty Vicky was able to comfirm the premise that "Colour speaks a language of Its own ".

Mike Booth met Vicky in 1984 and from that date remained with her, as her constant companion and confidant. They taught and traveled together until her death in 1991. Since that time Mike has been responsible for the development of the wonderful AURA-SOMA® system, his efforts and dedication has brought AURA-SOMA® into the lives of many people. AURA-SOMA® attracts a growing global following with a system that satisfies some of the needs we are discovering in a profoundly changing world.


The Equilibrium bottles are at the heart of the Aura-Soma system. They are glittering, dual coloured combinations containing the energies of colour, plants and crystals. Vicky Wall, the founder of Aura-Soma, conceived them in inspiration. She felt that Equilibrium was a mirror to the soul enabling the individual to recognise the reflection of their deeper aspects in their colour choices.

In her book The Miracle of Colour Healing, reprinted as Self-Discovery through Colour, Vicky Wall described Equilibrium as 'living jewels'. Each Equilibrium bottle contains an upper and lower fraction, oil resting upon water. Within these two fractions may be found the essential oils and herbal extracts of the plant kingdom, in combination with the energies of crystals and gems from the mineral kingdom and the energies of colour and light. Taken together these energies may balance the whole of our being.

Equilibrium may be defined as: the sense of forces or torque coming to zero point. A more perfect or lasting state of balance. It is this very balance of two coloured liquids in each of the 111 Equilibrium bottles that form the fundamental basis of the Aura-Soma system.

When four bottles are chosen, a trained Aura-Soma Practitioner can guide you through the significance of your choice and enable a deeper investigation of each of the levels the colours and their respective messages apply to.

Aura-Soma works with your personal well being. The coloured oils (Equilibrium), pomanders, quintessences, colour essences and other colour related products of Aura-Soma help you to bring your being into a state of equilibrium. They may help to increase your self-awareness and create an harmonious sense of comfort around and within yourself. Your colour choice reflects your very personal needs and helps you to find a more true understanding of your potential.

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